Getting Started...

The 10 minutes test

To evaluate quickly this software and see if it is usefull for you, read the page Documentation - Use Overview.

The main features and use are presented within one page.

Within 10 minutes, you'll be able to say if it fit's your needs.

The 30 minutes test

Then, if the first evaluation is positive, install the software and try the main features. This will take you 30 minutes maximum.

Go to the page Download Hearing Test Base to get the two install files.

Install them with the step by step instructions. They are on page : Installation of Hearing Test Base.

    Give it a try with the instructions seen at the "10 minutes test" just above :
  • Create a new record of a person
  • Create a test
  • Print it

That's it....

And then...

Questions ? Need Help ? support is free : contact us...