The connexion to the files of data

The organisation of the files of data and the file of the software

With Hearing Test Base, the data of the persons and the tests are stored in the file different from the one of the software (the code).

Hearing Test Base - Organisation des fichiers de l'application et des données

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(1) The software is in the file Hearing_Test_Base_Vx_x_x.mde (the code of the program).

(2) The data of the persons and the tests are stored in the file H_T_B_Data.mdb.

(3) The data of configuration are in the file H_T_B_Env.mdb. It is the software parameters and the parameters of the APP Center.

    This structure with 3 files brings several advantages :
  • Efficiency : you can backup only the data, without the code files with each backup.
  • Robustness : a upgrade of the software (file Hearing_Test_Base_V1_0_0.mde) can be easily done while keeping your data (aside of the upgrade).

Files of data not found ?

If you launch Hearing Test Base and the files of data are not found by the software, the screen of connexion to these files asks you to tell where they are (see the screenshot here under).

Either you don't have installed them yet, and you have to do it (see page Installation of Hearing Test Base).

Either they exists yet and you only have to tell the software where they are (in the case of reinstallation of the software, with an existing database yet).

The default settings (recommended)

As default, the installation put the software files in "C:\Hearing_Test_Base_Vx_x_x" and the files of data in "C:\Hearing_Test_Base_Vx_x_x_Data".

If the files of the data (H_T_B_Data.mdb and H_T_B_Env.mdb) are in a folder with the same name as the one of the software, plus "_Data" at the end, then the software can find automatically these two files of data and set the connexion by itself at startup.

This is what is happening in the default setting.

Files of data stored appart

It may be usefull to put the files H_T_B_Data.mdb and H_T_B_Env.mdb in another folder.

The only thing to do is to move those two files in whatever folder you want.

At startup, the software won't find the files, and then will ask to set the path to their new folder. The screen here under allow to set this path for each file.

Hearing Test Base - Connexion to the files of data
    Just follow the instruction written on the screen :
  • set the folder of the file
  • then close the window

Backup of the files of data

Wherever the folder of the files of data may be, it is an absolute necessity that you make some backups oftenly of these two files.

The software Hearing Test Base does not do any backups. It is your responsability to make the backups.

See page : Backup of the data.

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