Features of Hearing Test Base


To see an overview of the features of Hearing Test Base, with some screenshots, go to the page Use - Overview.

Features - version 1.1.0

    The features are :
      Radial grid printing of a test with a standard of representation
    • Several standards of reference can be applied to the représentation in a radial (cell) form
      Setting of standards of representation of a test in a radial grid (cell)
    • International standard is provided
    • A standard without any translation of the points of the curve, is provided
    • Setting of all the parameters of a private standard ("home made setting")
    • Printing of the standards and the values of settings
With version 1.1.0, the installation of the software has been simplified, and the documentation rewritten to stand only within one page and to be more clear.

Date : March 2006.

Features - version 1.0.0

    The features are :
      Persons records creation
    • Identification of the record of a person can be done with an identification code, for confidential matters, or with her name and first name
      Tests creation
    • Graphical creation of tests, easy and fast
    • Modification of a test already created
    • Creation up to 10 tests by persons
  • Graphical view of the tests
    • Management of the list of records of persons
    • List filtering, with the identification code, name or company name
    • View of a list reduced to the "active" records of persons, for an easier navigation and search on an every day basis tasks. "Non active" records can be set to hidden status.
      Printing of the list of records of persons
    • Two formats : minimal information or complete records
    • Printing of the entire list
    • Printing of a filtered list, with the identification code, the name, the company name or with the "visible/hidden" records
      Printing of a test
        Two printing formats : on a rectangular grid (regular) or on a radial grid (symbolism of a cell)
        Rectangular grid printing
      • On one or two pages
        Radial grid printing
      • With the grid (visible) for a finer precision
      • Without the grid (invisible) for a more light view

      Customization with the Audio-Psycho-Phonologie center information
    • Customization of the title and contact information of the APP center, for printing as title and footer of the page of the tests

  • Contextual help inside the screen of a some features
    • Three level of use : user mode, practitionner mode, administrator mode
    • User and practitionner mode for the general features of the software
    • Administrator mode for customization of the software (title and contact information of the APP center...)
      Distinct location (folders) for the files for the databases and the ones of the software
    • For easy backups of the data
    • To be able to re-install the software with no risk to overwrite the files of data with empty new ones
Date : July 2005.

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