Story of Hearing Test Base

At the beginning...

At the beginning, I developped a software for storing and printing of hearing tests in 1991.

It was running with Dos, with yet a graphical feature for creating the test, written in C. The printing was written in Postcript, to directly drive the printer (one of the first "laser").

I had made this software for the Jonathan Center, following the specifications from Michel Nysten, an Audio-Psycho-Phonology practitioner. The Centre Jonathan uses the software since 91. It is useful and practical to the center.

The aim was to use a computer (at this time just emerging inside small companies) to ease the every day tasks with the tests and to be able to print the tests with several formats and enhance the analysis of the curves.

    The matter was to improve the APP activity, without suppressing the tests on paper that remain essential to every day tasks :
      Make more easy to store and to find an old tests of a person
    • no more fastidious work of classifying and search in a cupboard of tests on paper
      Provide a document that is "neat and professionnal" for the test, with colors and instant copies
    • no more need to redraw a clean test with pencils, neither make copies by hand or in black and white photocopy
      Innovate with graphical presentations of the tests
    • the format with radial grid would be very difficult to draw by hand

Evolutions - 1995 - 2003

    In 1995, with Windows programming and MSAccess (then version 2.0, the first major one), I rewrite the software with MSAccess, with enhanced features :
  • Windows management : windows, menu, enhanced screens for typing data, use of the mouse, management of the printers (with drivers)...
  • The printings are available with several formats
  • As they are perfectly ok and give total satisfaction, the graphical creation of tests curves remain as it is

In 2003, I rebuild the software, with better way of programming coming from my growing experience with MSAccess and databases : use of "the kind of object oriented programming" of MSAccess, enhancement of printings, of internal management of the software, of the connexion to the data files feature and of the customization feature...

2005 The software is set available for APP centers

In 2005, with the APP centers number growing, and with internet, it appears that it would be interesting to provide this software to the center.

After a few adaptation and the making of this site, Hearing Test Base is launch in july 2005.

2006 version 1.1.0

In december 2005, an APP center asked for an adaptation of the view of the test on radial grid. The matter is that a reference curve looks like a circular curve on this printing format.

The feature of Standards of view is added for the printing of the tests on radial grid.

Beside, a center asked that the installation is simplified and the explaination stands in only one page.

The installation is simplified, with among other things the separation of installation of the MSAccess runtime. The documentation is totally rewritten and more clear.

Version 1.1.0 is released in march 2006.

For any further information, please feel free to contact us...